There’s almost too many amazing places on the Sunshine Coast to list. Aren’t we just the luckiest to bring our kiddies up here? Below are some of our tested and favourite places in the southern part of the coast, (Maroochydore to Caloundra). Check out Part 2 for Noosa, hinterland and surrounds for outdoor parties-

Chamber’s Island- Maroochy River
This little island is located in the Maroochy River and can only be accessed by the foot bridge or by boat. It has all the facilities one could need to host a great party, (which we have done) or a low key wedding. The island has been a playground to many generations of coast dwellers, the very brave of them can be seen jumping off the footbridge into the water and it can get quite busy in the summer months. Depending on the tides, most of the island is usable during the day.
You can enjoy-
*Covered tables and chairs
*toilets, showers and running water
*Beaches on both sides
*Pirate park with swings and equipment
*open areas to run and play
*a twisted forest with an open area under the canopy (the best part about the island we reckon- the kids become monkeys when they go in there)
*areas to fish or play water sports
*there is even a building that you can hire if you need cover
The best part is that supervision is easy because you can see most parts of the play areas.
We recommend to remind your guests the bring their swimmers, sunscreen, hats and an adventurous attitude to your party at Chamber’s Island.

Cotton Tree- Maroochydore Rotary Park and Cotton Tree to Alex foreshore Bushland Park (next to the Beach Holiday Park)
The parks in Cotton Tree are very popular and who could blame us all. There are great facilities and all are located on the beach or river. What more could you want. These parks are located near the Plaza at Maroochydore and down the other end of Cotton Tree near the Beach Holiday Park. If you are feeling energetic, you can walk between them and get your steps up for the day.
Both have-
*swimming facilities (river or beach)
*toilets and showers
*parks with equipment to climb/games
*covered tables and chairs
*located within walking distance of food and shopping
*areas to run and play games
*footpaths to stroll along
Both locations are good party options. Maroochydore Rotary Park is large and is busy on a nice day, so we recommend getting your spot early. Water sports are fun here too as the water is shallow and supervision is easy from the park. The bonus is that Maroochydore Rotary park has bbqs also.

Nelson Park-Alexandra Headland (enclosed park)-
This cute little park is tucked in behind some units and in front of the Sun City Bowling. A bit hidden, but worth it as it’s an enclosed park, which makes it amazing for supervision. It’s a great venue to take little kids as the equipment is great up to about 8 years old.
*Lots of room to run around inside the enclosed area
*covered tables and seating
*sails over playground
*area to stroll outside of the park
*surrounded by wetland birds and ducks and a walking circuit

Grahame Stewart Park (Currimundi is an enclosed park)-
So, this park is for the kids who like all the things and it is an enclosed park too. Here there is plenty to do for young and old and the bonus, you can bring bikes and scooters for more fun!
*bike track
*park equipment like a train and swings
*flying fox
*lots of space to run and play games
*covered tables and chairs
The only drawback is that the toilets are located at the cricket ground, behind the park and a bit of a walk. But it’s still within a manageable distance from the playground.

Point Cartwright and La Balsa Park-
Located in Point Cartwright- directly across the river mouth from Mooloolaba- is La Balsa Park. A lovely spot that is next to the river and will allow you to have a swim-tastic day. This park has playgrounds and you can take a walk around the point and up to the lighthouse. There are many locations along this area that serve as great party locations and adventures. This area is very busy on nice days, so getting here early is key. There are also a lot of people who choose to walk their dogs here, so be prepared for poochy love at some point.
*depending on tides- river swimming and beaches
*walking circuit around the park and point
*playgrounds and swing sets
*exercise equipment (for the fit among us)
*covered and uncovered tables and chairs
*lots of space to run and play

There are a number of parks and play areas all along the Esplanade and up to the river mouth in Mooloolaba. We recommend taking a scout mission before you plan your party here to find the location you like best. There is beach and walking track the whole way along and people come out early here so parking can be limited when the day is nice. Get there early to secure your spot. We recommend either having your party at the “Loo with a View” on the main beach or down at the fisheries. Both have good playground space, bbqs, toilets and showers and covered seating. The other draw card is that you have options in terms of food. There are many restaurants, from Italian to sushi, or fish and chips fresh from the ocean in Mooloolaba.

If you are looking to host an eco diy kids party in this part of the coast, Bear and Miakat, as locals service this area with our party hire kits. We can help you make the day easier with our themed kits that you can set up at any of the above parks.
Looking to have your party a bit north of these areas? Take a look at the second article, featuring Noosa, hinterland and its surrounds.