Including children at a wedding or event is one of those things that can go either way. They are either the cutest things ever, or they're bored, which is not ideal. It is so much more fun when all of the guests are welcome, (or not, I mean we all love a bit of drama from time to time). So, here are some ideas for making sure the little guests are welcome, and you can have your day without temper tantrums (well, at least not from the kids) .

Start by bringing the fun-

Create a space for the little ones that allows them to be kids in the environment. This means they get to feel special and are less likely to act out and mess up a special day.

A theme can easily be extended to include children. For instance, if you are having a boho wedding, hire a bell tent, its like a cubby for kids! Throw in some cushions and lights and you have a space where kids can relax in between dances.

For outdoor spaces, games are the best. Try to include games that don't require too much strenuous movement, (we don't want to ruin our Sunday best now). The following are excellent for this purpose-

*quoits/horse shoes

* bocchi/bowls


*egg and spoon races

*sack races

*scavenger hunts

*bean bag toss

*large chess (and the list goes on)

You really are only limited by your imagination when it comes to these things. The bottom line on games is that you should include those that run themselves. If the adults don't want to participate, there is always a Great Aunt Margery who is partial to a game of quoits, let her have her fun with those little rascals.

It is always a good idea to have a base for the children to come back to when they need to eat or have a sit down. A themed table can be just the ticket. Only kids are allowed to sit here- so make sure it is inviting. You can use this to house other activities such as colouring or reading. *Hot tip -don't include anything that could get too messy.

You can hire an entertainer. This one is fantastic because it can span across all of the themes imaginable. A face-painting fairy can turn a bored little girl into a glitter princess, as fast you can eat a brownie whilst hiding behind a floral centrepiece. Face-painters and entertainers help to keep the kids engaged while you attend to the bits of the day they find boring. Keeping the kids entertained means that when its time to take those happy snaps, it helps to keep them compliant for family photo time. Plus, you just added fun to the menu, and it allows your older guests to join in too.

There are so many ways to bring little guests to a party and make it a success. Let your imagination run wild and have fun doing it!