I am not one for slaving away in a kitchen for hours before a party or making things hard for myself, after all, we are not planning a wedding. So, I came up with a few hacks to make things simple!

I always have wonderful intentions. I buy party invites, and then forget to send them, or run out of time to write them, so I just end up creating a Facebook event, because it is soooooo easy! Digital invites and cards are the way forward. This is also a great hack for Christmas – you know every year when you buy Christmas cards and never end up sending them?!  (Or is that just me haha!?) Well, anyhoo, I now just send messages on Facebook, or put a single post up wishing everyone the best! This is also an eco-option for those who don’t want the fuss.
Make it easier and hire a party kit! Now you may be thinking, ‘Of course you’d say that, you hire out party kits!’, but let me explain why it’s a great hack.  You don’t have to spend hours searching for items from different shops to try and throw a theme together – it’s all done for you!  And even better than that, is that when you hire an eco-friendly party kit, you are not spending a heap of money to throw everything away at the end of the day!  That is a massive win, and two great reasons a hire kit is a great option.
I love going to a party and seeing all of the fruit cut up, but quite frankly I haven’t got the patience to cut up and style fruit for 25+ people – I just bring my fruit bowl and the kids can help themselves. It’s amazing how much fruit a child will eat in its natural form plus the portions are already sorted and it also means that little fingers aren’t touching all the bits. I’m laughing while I’m writing this, because I know how much effort some of you amazing Mum’s go to, and that you may be reading this in horror at my laziness!  I think you’re wonderful, but I’m afraid that it’s just not me!
My next trick is to do pizzas, kids love it and it’s easy.  You can also make it as healthy or naughty as works for you.  I usually have my husband working the kitchen production line on the morning of a party.  I always remember a million things that I should have done at the last minute – so having the food prep covered by someone else is a saving grace, plus he enjoys it, hahaha!
As I have one readily on hand,  I rope in my teenage daughter to setup/decorate the party location – having a team to help is the ultimate hack, because setting up a party is absolutely not a one-person job!  If you don’t have teenage superstars to rely on, then ask a friend or another family member to come over early. Having help means that you can just transport everything to the party location as it becomes ready and the pack down is fast and easy.
One thing that I also swear by, is a ‘party supplies kit’, so that I never forget anything – it’s things I already have in the house, but by storing them in a box together, you can just grab it and go, rather than remembering individual items. It’s also great just to take with you for barbeques outside of the house, oh the versatility! What goes in a ‘Party Supplies Kit’, I hear you ask! 
Well here it is –
 *Candles and a lighter
*A knife, plus something safe to wrap it in!
*A bin bag (unless there’s a bin next to where you’re setting up)
*A speaker to play music on
*Blue-tack, string, sticky tape, scissors for when those pesky decorations won’t stay up!
*A cloth/wipes for spillages and clean up
*A spray bottle
It’s hardly a genius idea – but who wants to be singing ‘Happy birthday dear Mia’, when they suddenly remember the knife to cut the cake?  This kit may save you from a major parenting fail!
Party bags – if you haven’t already noticed, I’m into simplifying things!  I would much rather buy one nicer present over lots of little bits that get thrown out. Books are fantastic for everyone, and they don’t give your children a crazy high like sugar does. Other options are plant growing kits or colouring books.
Anyhoo, now we are at the end of the party planning process. The overwhelm can take a backseat and it is time to enjoy your little one’s special moment – if something is not perfect, or you forget all the things, it doesn’t matter. Just remember you grew this little human and the party will be amazing regardless, even if you forget to put the wings on the butterfly cakes. You got here and that’s the important thing. Enjoy!