"School holidays are a time for relaxing", said no parent ever! The pressure is on to keep your little possums entertained and make memories with them that they will cherish FOREVER.  This is your time to shine, and play the role of the 'perfect parent'!  It is certainly not a time for relaxing... apart from those spare minutes that you spend hiding in the pantry scoffing lollies!  To help you with this challenge, we've compiled a list of ideas that are sure to keep kids of all ages engaged and entertained.

1. Outdoor Adventures: Take advantage of the cooler weather by spending time outdoors. Plan a family hike, bike ride, or picnic in a nearby park. Not only is it a great way to get some exercise, but it also allows kids to connect with nature and explore the world around them.  We are great believers in wearing our kids out so that they are more chill at home!  Kids love camping adventures, so maybe it's a great time for a family trip, but if not, even a night in the backyard is fun when you're a kid - you can book our glamping tent if you want to make it extra spesh!

2. Creative Crafts: Encourage your child's creativity by organizing craft sessions at home. Gather supplies such as paints, markers, glue, and paper, and let their imagination run wild. From painting to sculpting to making homemade cards, there are endless possibilities for artistic expression.  OUR TIP - If you choose to do messy play, head outside to save yourself the monstrous cleaning task afterwards!

3. Movie Marathon: Set up a cozy movie marathon at home complete with popcorn, snacks, and blankets. Let your child choose their favorite films or share your childhood favourites. It's the perfect way to unwind and spend quality time together as a family.  Often there are local community outdoor movies events that make for a great evening of family fun too.

4. Rainy Days: Rainy days do not need to be a washout, there are plenty of fun indoor things to do here on the coast - you could take the kids trampolining, there's VR, Ninja Jungle, laser tag.  The libraries often put on fun events for kids, as do Bunnings.  You could even set up a picnic on your living room floor.

5. Kitchen Creations: Get your little ones involved in the kitchen by cooking or baking together. Over the holidays, you could make cakes, cookies or even get the kids involved in making dinner. Not only does it teach them valuable life skills, but it also provides an opportunity for bonding and fun.

6. Day Trips: Plan a day trip to the wonderful attractions that we have here on the coast. There's Wildlife HQ, Sealife, Aussie World, Australia Zoo, The Ginger Factory and waterparks.  You could go a bit further afield and take a day trip to Brisbane or the Gold Coast. Whatever you choose, it's a great way to explore, make memories and wear the kids out for bedtime.

7. Sports and Games: There are plenty of sports clubs on the coast who offer school holiday clubs.  This may take the pressure off of you a bit, while your kid has the time of their life.

8. Scavenger Hunts: At Easter, we got our children to hide chocolates and make a scavenger hunt for the adults, we then did the same for them.  They spent a few hours writing their clues/tasks for us, and then were delighted when we played.  They were so proud and really engaged with the task.  Just because it's no longer Easter, doesn't mean we can't hide treats!

9. Gardening Projects: Get your hands dirty with some gardening projects. You may as well get some practical tasks done with all of that energy that needs burning! All under the guise of teaching your kids a great life skill, you could have a beautiful veggie patch or flowerbed to show for it. What a win win situation!

10. Volunteer Work: Instill a sense of compassion and empathy in your child by involving them in volunteer work or community projects. Whether it's helping out at a food bank or helping to tidy up a local park or beach, giving back to the community is a valuable experience that teaches important life lessons.

No matter which activities you choose, the most important thing is to spend quality time together as a family and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. So go ahead, embrace the school holidays with enthusiasm and make the most of this special time with your children - they don't stay little forever.